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Offseason update

Hey everyone, it is getting close to that time of year again when we kick off preseason. It has been a great off-season for me. I got to check out a different country for the first time, visited family back home in Hawaii, and managed a quick trip to one of my favorite places, Costa Rica.

My first trip was to Australia, a place that I have never been before. It was an easy country to fall in love with because of the beauty of the beaches and its people. I spent some time on Bondi Beach and then traveled up into the Blue Mountains to see some kangaroos and do some hiking. Then I traveled south to the Great Ocean Road where I got to see the famous Bells Beach and enjoyed the views from the Great Ocean Road. This is where I saw the Twelve Apostles which are an amazing geological phenomenon (pictured here).

From there it was a flight to Hamilton Island. This is a resort island near the south of the Great Barrier Reef. As I snorkeled around the reef, I was in awe of its size and abundance of life. It is truly something one should must witness. Lastly it was on to Byron Bay. To me this is what every surf town should look like. There were so many breaks, the town was small and it had a real beach feel. I am thinking about going back there again next year.

After that was a trip back to Hawaii for the holidays and my annual soccer camp. A couple of buddies and I rented a house near the pipeline where I was able to get in the water a couple of days (check out my photo page). I was amazed by our house and how it reminded me of my childhood where I could hear the waves crash all day long. The Bulls soccer camp was fun as usual and the staff treated Clint Mathis and me with the Aloha spirit.

As soon as I returned to Houston I was greeted by a cold front! When you’re in warm weather for a while and then you are hit with the cold weather, it really makes you feel chilled to the bone. Almost immediately, I was off to PLEX, the gym where I train, to work on the thing I need to prepare me for this year, speed. I have been pulling tires, lifting weights, and doing cardio to get ready.

I was able to get away for a few more days of sun and fun. It was a quick trip down to Costa Rica where I was able to take part in some fishing and surfing, probably my two other favorite things besides soccer. This just reminded me how much I love it down there and how similar it is to Hawaii.

Now the off-season is over I am ready to start our season and hopefully a run at the World Cup and another MLS Cup.


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