1 February 2010 0 Comments

First day of training

Today was the first day of training for the Dynamo and it was good to see everyone after a long break.  It was actually the first time that I got to see most of the guys since November. Everyone was excited to be back and share their off-season experiences.

Practice was short and intense.  It consisted of a warm-up, a five-v-two session, a passing drill, and then a small scrimmage.  We were using new MLS game balls and the grass was wet so, there were some long touches. haha. These are the same soccer balls that they will be using in the World Cup. All in all things went well and no one got hurt.  It was a good first day.

After practice we had a press conference and I was one of the players speaking to the media.  One of the questions that I was asked numerous times was about the proposed soccer stadium, so I will share my thoughts about that.  It has been a little frustrating for us as an organization because we were under the impression that we were going to get a stadium built soon after the team moved here from San Jose. With that said, I do understand that things like this aren’t easy to get done especially when the economy has taken a hit. When you look at how the other stadiums were built in Houston, it kind of makes us scratch our heads because they were built mostly using public funds where the Dynamo Stadium would be using mostly private funding.  I don’t want to speak too much on this topic because I don’t know much more about the subject than the general public.

I would love to see us push through with the proposed site downtown next to Minute Maid Park and the Toyota Center.  However, this new plan B site seems like a good alternative if things can’t get done downtown. The new site, on 59 and 610 near the Galleria, would be a location that I would still consider centrally located.

Before I go I just want to thank everyone who has been pushing for us and helping us get a stadium.  It would mean a lot for our players to have somewhere we can call our own.  More importantly, it would be a great place that our fans and our soccer community can call home.


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