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Ching discusses the trade that brings Carli Lloyd to Houston

full_3431“We’ve been in the process of reaching out to a lot of different clubs; Western New York was one of them. We never really thought that Carli was available, but when we found out that she was we obviously went after her aggressively,” said Dash Managing Director Brian Ching by phone yesterday afternoon.

“Obviously, we were all disappointed with where we ended last season. We knew we needed to make some big moves ahead of this season to get better. Carli is a player that I consider one of the top two women’s players in the world right now and the fact that we were able to get a deal for her really goes to show our commitment towards improving our product on the field for next season,” added Ching.

Full article: http://orangeintheoven.com/2014/10/17/carli-lloyd-newest-houston-dash-inside-story-trade/

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