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Soccer America: “Wondo’s mark of 100 goals impresses everyone but him”

Article excerpt:

Ching Wondo“My first six years I definitely wasn’t where I am now and I think a lot of it is just confidence,” says Wondolowski, who at 32 looks as fit and hungry as he’s ever been. “I learn from some of the best who have played, guys like Brian Ching and De Ro [Dwayne De Rosario] really made an impression on me. Those are guys that I really look up to and they helped me, but my younger years I wanted to go out there and not make a mistake. Now I know that I can play at this level. I have belief in myself and I have belief in my game.”

Full article: http://www.socceramerica.com/article/63904/wondos-mark-of-100-goals-impresses-everyone-but-h.html

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